Making 3D models with CAD software (Rhino, MatrixGold, Zbrush).

We are jewelry design team with over 10 years of experience in designing various styles of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, fashion and high jewelry,
and also Silver, both for mass production and custom design based on ourcustomers’ needs. One of the biggest issues and concerns in the jewelry industry is the“Trust” between two companies. Here in SEIFADINI, we assure all of our customers that all of designing will be kept with security policies. We know, That Using an outsource design team is always challenging for your Company, but we are here trying to make easy that for you.

How do you order 3D CAD Modelling Design Service?

Send the design order by completing the form. Make sure you include all the important details in your Description, such as the deadline, finger size (Ring), Length and width for pendant, andother important things like these.
Describing the project in detail helps the design team to better estimatethe amount of working hours required. You can also attach files to showcase the request better. Once you’ve submitted your order, the design team would review it and decline or accept it with a cost offer. After designing the 3D model, our designers will send you a photo of the model so that you can see all the details of your request